As network technologies converge—especially voice, video and wireless— systems are becoming increasingly complex. That’s why before Extreme Integration makes any technology recommendations we conduct a comprehensive wireless site survey analysis.

Wireless Site Survey Analysis
As network technologies converge—especially voice, video and wireless— systems are becoming increasingly complex. That’s why before Extreme Integration makes any technology recommendations we conduct a comprehensive wireless site survey analysis.

We assess your current network capabilities, required wireless coverage, roaming capability, quality of service, and review realistic budget expenditures. The site survey will include a physical survey of your organization to locate the best possible places to install access points and ensure 100% wireless coverage and optimum performance.

Wireless Site Survey Analysis is the first step in planning and deploying a wireless network. A site survey entails a comprehensive study of your facility to understand radio frequency (RF). Radio frequency interference and coverage areas need to be assessed to accurately determine the placement of wireless devices. It also helps determine the number of wireless devices that you will need for full coverage. Skipping this important step often results in poor or no RF signal in certain areas of a structure.

Once an analysis has been conducted, we will make strategic recommendations that are customized to your organization’s requirements. All of our systems are designed for reliability, scalability, redundancy, flexibility, compatibility, and quality.

Wireless WLAN Solutions
A wireless LAN or WLAN is a wireless local area network. A WLAN links computer and voice systems together without wires. Advantages are increased mobility, productivity and communication. Wireless also enables real-time access to instant messaging and emails. Wireless LANs require an access point that wireless devices connect to, which then connects the users to the wired network. Wireless access points cover an area of up to approximately 330-feet indoors.

Extreme Integration can customize an integrated, cost-effective, secure system for wireless and wired networking. Our comprehensive solutions take into account all elements of WLAN, including network infrastructure, network management, security, training, and 24-hour support to provide your organization with the flexibility it demands.

Regardless of weather you are installing a new system or migrating your current system to wireless, we will work within your perimeters and help plan a seamless transition. In fact, many of our clients prefer phased installments to allow opportunities to gradually adjust to new technologies. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can improve your mobility and productivity while reducing your costs through an integrated WLAN system.

Wireless WAN Solutions
Wide Area Networks (WAN) cover a more extensive area than WLANs. They are often used to connect multiple offices within an organization to increase the mobility of the entire network. Wireless WAN networks are extremely secure and contain sophisticated encryption and authentication methods.
Wide Area Networks extend WLANs from one site to other site with the capacity to link multiple WLAN sites to a central site, link multiple remote PCs to a central site WLAN, extend Internet access, and link WLANs and PCs from sites that are difficult to wire.

Our customized systems are designed to alleviate signal degradation that interferes with system performance while providing your organization with the capacity it demands.

Extreme Integration’s teams of certified, experienced professionals are experts in designing and implementing advanced technologies. We will work with you to customize a system that includes reliability, scalability, redundancy, flexibility, compatibility and quality.

Extreme Integration provides a wide variety of WAN technologies, including: Point-to-Multipoint (p2mp), a method of communication between a series of receivers and transmitters to a central location. Product used is Cisco p2mp, which is typically set up in segments to enable frequency re-use. Cisco offers MMDS, U-NII, and LMDS systems in p2mp.

Our solutions include products from Cisco, Proxim and Redline.

Wireless Access Points, Controllers, and Security
Access points act as a central transmitter and receiver of WLAN radio signals.

Extreme Integration works with technology providers that provide a range of access points to meet each client’s unique requirements, including coverage and capacity, network security, and scalable manageability. Access points can be installed on desktops, on walls, on ceilings, above ceilings, and on top of poles.

By linking several access points together, we can create a larger network. The devices also reduce cost by eliminating cables and hard wiring. Strategically placed access points allow users greater mobility and can be used in any environment, including schools, businesses, health care, and government facilities.

To centralize intelligence, we will install A WLAN controller system to simplify management, improve network performance, and increase security of large wireless networks. Additional safeguards include access points that are equipped with built-in encryption and secured through passwords.

Radio frequency identification and Location Services (RFID)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is an identification system that remotely stores and retrieves data. RFID tags can be attached to any inanimate or animate object. For businesses, RFID solutions are used to increase productivity and efficiencies. RFID has the ability to accurately track a number of different types of activities, including inventory and manufacturing. Tags can carry simple or extremely complex information. An advantage of RFID is that it eliminates the need for line-of-sight reading that bar coding depends on. In addition, RFID scanning can be done at greater distances than bar code scanning.

This real-time tracking system allows organizations to provide customers with immediate feedback concerning the status of their orders. In addition, the ability to track inventory and manufacturing operations reduces an organization’s risk, especially when large orders are at stake.

Extreme Integration can customize a system to fit your organization’s requirements.