Network Services

The unification of voice, video and data has led to increased network management. Most companies view network management as a priority especially as structural and application-centric products and services are added to the network. Extreme Integration has the expertise to plan and support Cisco’s Network Management product lines.

Network Management
The unification of voice, video and data has led to increased network management. Most companies view network management as a priority especially as structural and application-centric products and services are added to the network. Extreme Integration has the expertise to plan and support Cisco’s Network Management product lines.

Cisco offers over 40 different hardware/software solutions to manage networks. According to Cisco, “Network Management enables network operators to more efficiently and effectively manage the network through a simplified browser-based interface that can be accessed anytime from anywhere within the network. A wide variety of solutions provides tools that make the job of configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting routers, switches and other business applications, quicker and helps reduce the likelihood of human errors. Businesses that Cisco Management Solutions can enjoy the twin advantages of decreasing downtime (based on the monitoring and troubleshooting tools) and the ability to easily roll out changes in the network (based on the configurations tools).”

Network Assessment
Conducting a network assessment is the first step an organization should take before expanding or upgrading technology systems. This is especially critical as businesses migrate toward real time applications and need to integrate advanced technologies with existing systems.

Extreme Integration’s assessment includes reviewing all elements of your current network. Using advanced software we can test your system’s stability, reliability — assessing its current capacity and risk factors.

Technology convergence — voice, video and wireless — is very complex. The advantages are that convergence saves time, money and increases productivity. However, before making any technology decision, we recommend a network assessment to ensure your system’s capacity and security, as well as to ascertain if you are making a sound investment in your business.

Network Infrastructure
We are experts in planning, designing, implementing, and managing technology solutions for businesses, educational facilities, hospitals, and government agencies.

Transitioning to a networked environment has the potential to increase efficiency among employees while enhancing communication between customers and employees. Network environments allow online business applications and increase collaboration opportunities.

For new and growing companies, especially those opening new offices, Extreme Integrated recommends installing an integrated foundation instead of purchasing separate products for individual functions such as routing, switching, and security. We will work with you to choose a “systems-based” solution that provides your organization with the ability to send and receive email, advertise and sell products and services online, interact with customers, and connect with suppliers.

A systems-based approach transfers responsibility for security and reliability from individual computers and users to the network itself and provides businesses with a secure, unified system. A systems solution also referred to as “intelligent networking” moves the network to an active, integrated part of the company’s business process.

Significant benefits of a systems approach to routing and switching is that is allows employees, regardless of their office location (branch verses headquarters) the same access to business applications, IP communications, and videoconferencing.
Security should always be a critical issue when choosing a networking solution. Systems-based networks have the capacity to protect valuable business data, guard against viruses, spyware, Internet attacks, and other security concerns.

Extreme Integration uses Cisco security products. Cisco products provide a number of security solutions such as firewalls (specialized routers running software that examines incoming data and protects against attacks) and virtual private networks (VPNs) using encryption technology to securely connect two networks over a public network.

As your technology partner, we will work with you and your staff to determine your business objectives—short term and long term. Regardless of whether you decide to expand your existing system or are looking to migrate to new technology, we will design a customized network infrastructure that can grow with your company, improve communication, open-up bottle necks, reduce error, decrease stress and increase performance within your organization.

We offer a complete solution that includes training for all employees and support services. We can manage and service your entire network or work with your IT staff as a resource when needed.

Strategic Network Planning
Extreme Integration provides strategic network planning that includes immediate and long-term technology objectives. Our plans are like roadmaps. They provide you with a starting point and strategically route the most efficient and economical method of reaching your desired destination. Strategic networking plans require management and IT’s involvement. As your solution partner, we need to fully understand your company’s business operations and how you currently communicate. Knowing the intricacies of your business operations will allow us to design a strategic plan that fits your current (18 – 24 months) objectives as well your long-term business plan (3-5 years).

Our plans are comprehensive and include your existing systems capacity, your migration schedule, budgets, challenges, and timelines. We will prioritize the plan according to objectives and budget requirements.

Network Technology Plans
We provide all of our clients with a customized, written plan. Our plans document methodology, technical drawings, and budgets; and include detailed timeframes, procurement requirements, training requirements, technology expenses, and professional fees. Plans allow IT staff and management to review results over time, troubleshoot, train employees, and track progress. All of our plans are designed for reliability, scalability, redundancy, flexibility, compatibility, and quality.

Extreme Integration plans accurately model the network infrastructure for intelligent behavior analysis and visually present traffic-flow simulations.

Detailed Information Includes
Routing dynamics, end-to-end connectivity, and security gaps illustrate which traffic flows will be most affected by outages and where resulting slowdowns are likely to occur

Predict the effect of installing new technologies, protocols, or hosted applications, including VPNs, VLANs, and voice over IP (VoIP)

Takes into account capacity planning, resilient link dimensioning, and topology design

Describes network changes before installation with a powerful rules-based engine that systematically checks the entire network
model and diagnoses device misconfiguration, errors, policy violations, and inefficiencies

Scores the network’s readiness for VoIP deployment and provides design guidance

Network technology plans allow for phased implementation and training to ensure a seamless installation process.

Network Security Audits
Securing your network is one of the most important technology decisions you will ever make. It has become increasingly important as management seeks to mitigate threats to their organization.

Our comprehensive audits enable us to determine your organization’s risks and vulnerabilities. Our first step is to collaborate with you and your staff to understand your business, your business processes and existing technology capabilities. Next we will conduct a series of tests and assessments on your equipment as well as your business practices. Our final step is to prepare a written report with clearly defined recommendations.

If budgetary constraints restrict implementing recommended security measures at one time, we will work with you to establish security priorities with the intent to implement additional measures when economically feasible.

Network Security Planning
Unexpected network security threats, system downtime, loss of revenue, and customer litigation are, unfortunately, the impetus for creating a network security plan. To avoid any security breech, Extreme Integration recommends a proactive plan of action to minimize disruptions of any kind.

We will work with you to develop a plan that encompasses a company wide, unified security strategy. Depending on the needs of your organization, we can design a plan to enhance your organization’s existing security systems. Or we can design and implement a new program.

Keeping your network safe is an on going challenge, yet according to the Internet Security Alliance (ISA), most small to medium-sized businesses have networks that are not adequately protected. Research indicates that small to medium-sized companies see network security as an expense that won’t help them grow and that they would rather spend extra resources on sales and marketing.

Another misconception cited by the ISA is that hackers are only interested in attacking large companies. The fact is that because larger enterprises have bolstered network security, hackers and others with malicious intentions often turn their attention to small and medium-sized businesses.

Another false notion is that attacks come from outside sources. Security vulnerabilities can inadvertently result from reliable employees. In addition, numerous companies have been attacked by disgruntled and former employees.

Extreme Integration will ensure that your security program compares with industry standards and compliance directives. If budgetary constraints restrict implementing recommended security measures at one time, we will work with you to establish security priorities with the intent to implement additional measures when economically feasible.

Following is “Quick Checklist” created by the Internet Security Alliance (ISA) to determine your network vulnerabilities. If your company is lacking in any of the following areas or if there are questions you can’t answer, we encourage you to give us a call to discuss upgrading your network’s security.
Do You Have the Following Measures in Place?
Virtual private network
Intrusion prevention
Virus protection
Secured wireless network
Anomaly detection
Identity management
Compliance validation
Can You Identify Your Most Important Digital Assets and How They Can Be Accessed
Exactly what are your company’s digital assets?
What are they worth?
Where do those assets reside?
Who has access to these assets, and why?
Do all employees have the same level of network and application access?
Do you extend access to partners and customers?
How do you control, validate, and monitor that access?
Evaluate the Potential Impact of a Security Breach
What is the potential financial impact of a network outage due to a security breach?
Would a security breach be likely to disrupt your supply chain, and (if so) how?
What would happen if your Web site went down? How long could the site be unavailable before you suffered a significant financial impact? Minutes? Hours? Days?
Do you have e-commerce features on your site? How long could your storefront be unavailable before you suffered a significant financial impact? Minutes? Hours? Days?
Does your company have insurance against cyber attacks, or against the misuse of your customers’ data? If so, is this insurance adequate
Consider both Current and Future Needs
In what ways do you expect your business plan to evolve over the next few years?
How recently have you updated your network equipment? Software? Virus definitions?
What type of security training—if any—do you provide to your employees?
How will growth affect your digital assets and their value to your business as a whole?
In the future, are you likely to have a greater need for remote employees, customers, or partners to access those digital assets?

Network Security Solutions
Privacy concerns, confidentiality and regulatory compliance are all network security solutions that need to be addressed and monitored as new technologies are added to an organization.
Extreme Integration understands how critical security is to the livelihood of any business and offers a range of services that ensures your network remains protected. We will design and implement a complete security strategy designed around the way your organization operates.

Network security is extremely complex. We have the expertise to centralize and integrate security technologies and will work closely with your IT staff to develop a system that is both secure and manageable. In addition, Extreme Integration is a certified Cisco provider, which has developed a comprehensive line of security products.
We use a range of Cisco security product, including The Cisco® Self-Defending Network. The Cisco® Self-Defending Network integrates security throughout all facets of the network and has the capacity to identify threats from both internal and external sources.

Other Cisco product Extreme Integration uses for security solutions includes Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (Cisco Security MARS), Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) 5500 Series, Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) with Cisco IOS Software Firewall and Cisco ASA Advanced Inspection and Prevention (AIP).