Support Center – Remote Monitoring

EI’s Customer Support Center (CSC) is a world-class facility that allows for the remote monitoring of customers’ voice and data networks. Voice and data are mission-critical applications. To ensure that these applications are always available, many customers have a staff and supporting monitoring applications that watch over the networks.

In certain cases, there is ample staff to provide off-hours, weekend, Holiday and vacation coverage. Other customers, while recognizing the critical nature of monitoring their networks, simply don’t have the staff or financial resources to watch over their networks 24x7x365.

Enter EI’s CSC. The CSC is fully staffed, diesel-generator backed up, fail-safe, multi-site facility that provides for 24x7x365 remote monitoring, alarming and alerting of our customers’ mission-critical networks and applications. The EI CSC has robust, enterprise-class applications that monitor your voice and data networks.

For data networks, we can monitor your entire network or specific geographic areas. Should a condition or threshold event occur that is a problem or potential problem, an alarm or alert is trigged for our CSC staff to address. If the event is critical, an alarm is registered and a high priority stance is taken. Based on the type of service the customer has with EI, the alarms and alerts are passed either to the customer’s help desk or to EI’s help desk.

Similarly, for our customers with mission-critical voice networks, EI’s CSC provides extensive monitoring, alarming and alerting capabilities. We use robust applications deployed through a combination of software and network appliances to provide the detailed visibility necessary in these environments.

Our services range from staff augmentation – let us monitor during off-hours, weekends, Holidays and employee vacations – to 24x7x365 coverage. EI’s CSC can seamlessly integrate with your Day 2 support desk or ours for problem triage and remedy.