Onsite Support – Engineer

With each new system design and deployment, our goal is to design and deliver a robust solution with the training and documentation needed to enable each client to maintain their own systems. However, every complex solution can generate a wide variety of questions, and in-house IT capabilities necessary to answer those questions, vary greatly.

EI Customer Support Center (CSC) provides comprehensive, highly responsive Day 2 support services. Our CSC Day 2 Support team makes sure that any issues that require our help are addressed, triaged, diagnosed and resolved quickly and accurately, 24x7x365. Our standard is to have every support question, no matter how complex, properly answered in four hours or less. And in most cases, it’s much faster.

EI CSC Day 2 Support also includes on-site service when necessary, with response times determined in advance by customer-specific service level agreements.

Ultimately, we want each of our clients to get the full benefit of their investment at all times, and we will do whatever is necessary to make that happen.