Mohave Purchasing

Extreme Integration is an Official Vendor for the Mohave Corporate Purchasing contract

Mohave Educational Services Cooperative, Inc. (MESC) is a public purchasing cooperative in the state of Arizona that is strongly dedicated to exemplary service and public procurement excellence.

About Mohave

Mohave is a nonprofit corporation administering a cooperative purchasing program for member governmental agencies throughout Arizona. They are recognized as an intergovernmental public procurement unit under Title 10 of the Arizona Revised Statutes and Arizona State Board of Education School District Procurement Rules. Mohave procurement processes are designed to obtain maximum value and benefit for its members as well as provide fair, open and nondiscriminatory competition.

Mohave currently has over 440 members including: The Arizona Legislative Council, the Arizona Supreme County, the City of Flagstaff, Maricopa Integrated Health System, Phoenix Elem. School District No.1, the City of Phoenix, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, Valley Metro Regional Public Transportation Authority, and many more. They have won 12 awards from the National Procurement Institute (NPI) for Achievement of Excellence in Procurement (AEP). Visit their webpage for more information.


A Mohave vendor has been awarded a contract through a formal competitive procurement process conducted by Mohave in accordance with Arizona law. Purchasing through the Mohave contract is a vehicle to satisfy the required bidding process. It enables members to avoid issuing their own official Request For Proposal, in which the government otherwise requires, because Mohave has already conducted the due diligence in vetting their vendors. Extreme is committed to upholding the highest standards in which Mohave holds for its vendors and is excited for the opportunity to service its prestigious members.

At Extreme Integration we seek to establish long-term partnerships to help grow our clients’ business.  Together, with Mohave, we can help solve short and long-term network challenges. Our business philosophy is to maintain the highest standard of customer service. We are committed to helping you help Arizona

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