Extreme Integration provides comprehensive networking solutions for:

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Whether your company has l0 employees or 10,000, we have solutions that work for you.

Small Market Business

Implementing efficient technology presents many challenges for small business owners. Collaboration is pivotal for small businesses trying to run as efficiently as possible. Let our engineers design a platform that is tailored to your specific needs. Our experts will dissect your business operation piece by piece to determine the best plan of action to get you where you want to go. Our intensive, hands-on approach is perfect for small business owners and offers a unique piece of mind.

Mid-Market Business

Empower your employees to produce at top levels by providing applicable technology that reinforces your best business practices and enables your personnel to reach their full potential. Reliability and scalability are our primary focuses when engineering a network specific to medium sized businesses. Our solutions provide organizations seamless communication capabilities throughout a broad network of employees. Our systems are designed to work perfectly for mid-sized businesses!

Enterprise Market Business

Security, asset management, and ease of access are all concerns of CIOs and CTOs within large companies that rely on their technology to run efficiently. Our solutions incorporate current business strategy to develop a reliable and secure environment that works day in and day out. Extreme’s full suite of services is designed to provide a complete solution to any technology challenge.
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Taking advantage of network technology helps healthcare providers of all sizes to improve collaboration and decision making among caregivers and experts, leading to benefits including:

  • Cost-effective quality care
  • Easier access to patient information
  • More productive workflows
  • Fewer medical errors and redundancies
  • Faster diagnosis and treatment

Cisco Medical Grade Networks

A Cisco Medical-Grade Network connects all stakeholders in the healthcare system to a single information and communications infrastructure. The network provides a resilient and reliable network infrastructure:
Cisco Healthcare Solutions

Clinical Connection Suite

The Cisco Clinical Connection Suite is an advanced set of clinical solutions that directs, locates, and prioritizes information for clinicians and patients. Collaborative Care includes audio- and videoconferencing technologies enable instant communication between clinicians, first responders, and other health experts, improving collaboration and patient care.

Location-Aware Healthcare

Helps medical centers track the availability of examination rooms, track the whereabouts of patients visiting multiple venues within a medical center, and help reduce patient screening times by having patient records available on screen when meeting with a clinician. Additionally, a Location-Aware Healthcare environment allows caregivers and hospital personnel the ability to track assets such as wheelchairs, gurneys, IV pumps, crash carts and even people. The Cisco Location-Based Services solution continually monitors device locations such that caregivers can locate anything at a moments notice by using the map-based interface on a nearby PC screen. Tracking assets saves clinicians hours of time per week and decreases equipment costs.

Cisco Connected Imaging: Extend Imaging Beyond Hospital Walls

The Cisco Connected Imaging solution helps medical personnel interpret, diagnose, and collaborate in real-time, facilitating rapid diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Eliminate the costs and delays associated with traditional film imaging. Reap the full benefits of a digital imaging system to quickly and easily share images with caregivers inside and outside the hospital.  Cisco Connected Imaging can improve productivity, support collaboration, and reduce costs throughout the imaging workflow.

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State & Local Government and Education (SLED)

  • Responsible and reliable platforms that help state and local governments and the education sector succeed in providing their communities with the technology they require to live fulfilled lives.
  • We work with our partners to create long-term technology solutions for your school systems and public entities.
  • Extreme has a dedicated team specially focusing on the education and public sectors.
  • Successfully delivering information to a vast, unified network presents challenges for those without proven experience.
  • After 16 years, we still maintain some of our strongest relationships with these segments.
  • Network security is a primary focus for the public sector, and Extreme Integration realizes the complexity of developing a secure and scalable network that will continue to perform for years.

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Hotel guest satisfaction is a top priority for premier hotel organizations. Satisfaction is primarily a function of people and technology. Extreme Integration allows your hotel staff to focus on guest satisfaction, while we provide the network technologies to make their stay something they will remember.

Hotel-grade networks rely on building redundancy and resiliency into the design and implementation of the project. Our hotel-centric practice, part of Extreme Integration’s suite of practice-oriented vertical markets, bring hospitality expertise to the network environment. We utilize a holistic approach incorporating technologies from the Cisco Connected-Hotel solution.

Cisco Connected Hotel

At the core of this suite of products rests the switching and routing appliances necessary to provide a platform that runs seamless applications, with minimal on-site management. Connected Hotel includes core IP Telephony which provides touch-sensitive color phones to premium hotel suites. Room service, wake-up calls, drape-closure, HVAC and other services are available at the touch of the screen. Integration into hotel management software databases and A/V systems create a premier guest environment.

Real estate developers and property managers can utilize our solutions to provide their tenants with top of the line network environments. Tenants can benefit from a variety of proactive technology that our engineers can predict and develop to drive demand for your properties.

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Military-grade networks

  • Where proprietary, standalone systems were once the standard, defense organizations are now embracing interoperability and the development of network-based systems.
  • Defense organizations are working to implement network-centric operations to transform themselves into smaller, lighter, more agile forces to meet the demands of today’s military environment and from the changing expectations of governments.
  • Delivering information to a network infrastructure in constant motion is exceptionally challenging. Ruggedized and mobile IP network solutions enable secure, real-time collaboration and connectivity for increased mission effectiveness.
  • Defense organizations have unique network security requirements—a critical need for high levels of security and effective encryption—and need comprehensive, end-to-end security solutions that adapt quickly and easily for emerging threats.
  • Defense organizations require a comprehensive network infrastructure that can perform efficiently in rapidly changing, unpredictable, often chaotic environments.
  • Interoperable, responsive, and resilient government technology solutions help communities improve safety, increase services, encourage educational excellence, and facilitate economic development.

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