Justin Bentley, National Sales Director
Telecom National


Love the “Extreme Team”

“Having been deeply immersed in telecommunications for nearly 20 years I feel I can objectively share my experiences in working with Extreme Integration. For the last 9 years, Extreme has been an invaluable partner to our company implicitly trusting them with our Cisco and Shoretel customers. This is not to mention our more than 250 agents nationally who absolutely love the “Extreme Team” (as I call them) comprised of high level engineers and the best customer service in the business. Apart from their excellent customer service, which is paramount to a company like ours, it is their engineering team that truly sets them apart from any other integrator we have ever worked with, period, bar none. The Extreme Team has the knowledge base to deal with virtually any complex situation, and by the way they are also extremely competitive in the marketplace! I personally contracted one of our largest multi-location clients with Extreme Integration and they went above and beyond their scope of work to make things right for our customer saving the customer tens of thousands of dollars. It was the best installation our client had ever been a part of and I can second that. There are many integrators to choose from these days. Pick the one who you know is trustworthy, reputable, and the best in the business. We have.”

Randy Thomas, Director
Networking Services

Dear Sean:

I am pleased to write this letter, acknowledging Clark County School District’s relationship with Extreme Integration and Meru Networks.

This year, CCSD issued an RFP for wireless Equipment and Services.  Various factors were evaluated including services, equipment features, and price.  The contract was awarded to Extreme Integration/Meru Networks.  Immediately, work commenced for the installation of equipment.  The scope of the project consisted of the installation of the nearly 100 controllers and over 2000 access points in 97 schools- starting in June with completion by October.

I am pleased to report that the project completed on schedule (actually early) and within budget.  The Extreme Integration team was thorough, professional, and most importantly, pleasant to work with.  While I can’t say a few glitches here and there, your team worked them quickly and efficiently.

We are a happy customer and look forward to our continued relationship.  I offer myself as a reference for any other potential customers who may be considering your firm.

Randy Thomas

Barbara Thompson, Business Director | Brian Davis, IT Coordinator’
West-MEC is pleased to recommend Extreme Integration to your company’

West-MEC is pleased to recommend Extreme Integration to your company.  Over the past two years, we have worked with Extreme Integration’s technicians on numerous projects for our school district.  Their services and creativity are top-notch and we have been very pleased with the work they have done for us.

By far, one of the projects they worked on for our company was the launch of our new Aviation Technology program, a new building that resides 3 miles from our corporate office.  Extreme Integration worked diligently on our corporate office and the aviation center. They simultaneously managed both projects professionally and accurately.  Our Account Manager led the technicians to come up with a cost effective way to network both sides without a great cost to our infrastructure.  Our company trusted Extreme Integration with approximately $180,000 worth of equipment and services, including our infrastructure, phones and WiFi.  We were thrilled with the results.

Extreme Integration has been on time and on budget with their projects for our company.  West-MEC recommends Extreme Integration services without hesitation and would hire them again if given the opportunity.

John Abretske, Chief Information Officer
Office of the Arizona Attorney General

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has retained Extreme Integration for network consulting and system engineering services on multiple occasions. The engineering team at Extreme has installed video conferencing systems, building-to-building wifi links, and user accessible wifi infrastructure here at the AGO. I am satisfied with the level service provided by Extreme, and I would not hesitate subsequently retain their services again in the future.

John Abretske
Chief Information Officer

Chris Murray, Director of Information Technology, Arizona Tile
Arizona Tile is pleased to recommend Extreme Integration to your company’

Extreme Integration was one of many vendors vying to do the implementation of a new VOIP phone system for our company. The dialog with the sales and technical staff revealed an in-depth knowledge and expertise of telecom, networking, and Cisco products. As a result, we moved forward with their proposal to procure the Cisco BE6000 along with new routers and switches for all 26 locations covering seven states. Key to the decision to acquire their services was the level of detail their technical team provided about implementation. My biggest concern about the VOIP project was being stuck in between the telecommunications carrier and Cisco over a configuration issue. Extreme Integration instilled confidence that they would be able to handle any problems that might arise during the project.

Over the course of implementation we did run into a number complex issues, which turned out to be rooted in the carrier’s configuration. Extreme Integration’s knowledge and experience was clearly demonstrated as they worked diligently to resolve the issues at hand. Not only did they show their depth of understanding regarding Cisco products, but also proved their proficiency in network troubleshooting. Their professionalism in working with communication carriers was evident as they guided discussions to a successful conclusion. Extreme Integration’s leadership throughout the troubleshooting process confirmed my initial impressions that we would succeed with them as our implementer.

As with any project, problems can arise, however it was the way Extreme Integration responded to these problems that has instilled them as a trusted vendor. Anytime I have expressed a concern they have been quite responsive in correcting any issues. Their staff have been a pleasure to work with and have been professional throughout.

It has been over a year since our VOIP project began and the company is very satisfied with the results. Extreme Integration continues to be a valued source of support for new and existing projects. I Highly recommend Extreme Integration to any company in need of solid network architects, implementors, and troubleshooters. Their expertise will not disappoint.

Chris Murray, Director of Information Technology, Arizona Tile

John Dennison, Director of Information Technology
CoValence Laboratories

To whom it may concern,

Our organization was referred to Extreme Integration in order to implement a wireless solution. Engaging with Extreme Integration during the project was easy and efficient. The solution they suggested included Cisco Switches and Ruckus Access Points. Their team of engineers designed, integrated, and now, supports our environment.

Their attention to detail, in my particular experience, is unmatched in this industry. They didn’t just sell us product, they took the time to understand our problem and created a solution that works best for us. I would recommend Extreme Integration to anyone that wants a solid solution at a competitive price. Professionalism all around!


John Dennison, CoValence Laboratories/p>