About Us

Extreme Integration designs customized solutions that converge voice, video, and wireless into a seamless network. Our approach is to positively impact your business using new technology to increase productivity, save time, and save money. Extreme Integration provides network integration solutions for business, schools, hospitals, and government agencies

About Extreme Integration

Our professional services include IP Telephony, Wireless LAN solutions, Wireless Voice Communications, Voice Conferencing & Telepresence, Network Infrastructure, Strategic Network Planning, Call Center Application & Call Manager, Data Center & Long-Term Storage, Design and Management, and Maintenance. Our areas of expertise include VoIP telephony, video telephony, wireless LAN and WAN, wireless voice communications, network security, and call center applications.


Our goal is to become your solution partner, not just another vendor. At Extreme Integration we seek to establish long-term partnerships and help you grow your business.  As your solution partner, we can help you solve short and long-term network challenges.  We can anticipate your needs, and we are committed to responding quickly to your requests.  Our business philosophy is to maintain the highest standard of customer service. After all isn’t that what a partnership is all about?

Why Extreme

Our team is comprised of factory trained engineers and project managers who provide professional planning and installation.

Tech Support available 24/7

Fast and affordable quotes available within 24 hours

Innovative thinking to save you time and money

ROI analysis. Saving you time and money – while increasing productivity.

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Extreme Integration welcomes the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we can reduce annual costs while increasing productivity within your organization. We will create a long-term technology solution for you that will save your organization time and money.

To ensure the quality of our networking systems, we partner with some of the finest technology providers in the industry. Visit our Partners page for more information.